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The Teething Process & Soothing Your Baby

The Teething Process & Soothing Your Baby

Babies are all so very beautiful & unique and each one will follow their own special rate of development in all things – teething is no exception!


The Teething Process


On average, teething begins around 6 Months of age, but can be as early as 3 months and as late as 12 months.  The order in which those cute little teeth appear though tend to follow a set pattern.


By the time your precious little angel is 3 years old they’ll have up to 20 primary teeth and these will be:


  • Central Incisors (the front biting teeth) ~ 8-12 Months
  • Lateral Incisors (the next biting teeth along) ~ 9-13 Months
  • Canines (exactly what they sound like!) ~ 16-22 Months
  • First Molars (Back grinding teeth) ~13-19 Months
  • Second Molars (Back grinding teeth, behind the first molars) ~25-33 Months


The process of teething is unfortunately not a pleasant one, both for both Baby and Mama.  There is possibly nothing worse than seeing your Baby in discomfort, and it is built into our blessed maternal nature to seek to alleviate that suffering in any way that we possibly can.


The Signs of Teething


The symptoms of teething can vary greatly from Baby to Baby also, some of the more common can include:


  • Drooling
  • mouthing
  • Applying pressure to gums in any way they’re able – including using Mama!
  • Gum-rubbing
  • Ear-rubbing
  • Mild fever
  • Irritability
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Needing to be held and/or nursed more frequently for comfort
  • But also decrease in appetite can occur
  • Changes in digestion
  • Runny Nose


How to Soothe your Teething Baby

  1. Snuggles, lots and lots of close personal contact and love.


  1. Safe & Effective Teething Toys.  Always ensure that Baby has easy access to safe and effective teething toys.  Baby’s Beautiful Teethers & Teething Clips sets are the most perfect option available and have been thoroughly researched and carefully designed specifically to provide Baby with effective and continuous relief.  The FDA approved and CPSIA certified gentle Food Grade Silicone provides a perfect soft velvety texture with just the right amount of resistance when pressure is applied to provide a satisfying bite and gum rub – it is like a soft eraser type texture that holds its form and cannot break or degrade in anyway, even under extreme amounts of pressure.  Our Instagram Highlights show lovely video clips of beautiful Babies alleviating their discomfort very effectively, and have been shared, very kindly, by Mothers who love and endorse our products.  The Teething Clip comprises a variety of silicone beads and secures the teether to either Baby’s waist band or a car seat / stroller strap, thus ensuring the teether is always close and accessible and prevents it from being dropped on the floor, which is great for sanitary reasons and also saves Mamas back!   You may find that, quite often, Baby prefers the Teething Clip itself as a means of relief over the actual Teether. The clips have been designed & thoroughly tested especially for this also.  A pretty little rose, a heart, or a ribbed bead isn’t there just to look pretty, those beads are the perfect size and shape for Baby’s mouth and gums. The grooves and ridges provide the perfect soft & flexible texture for ultimate relief and helping those little teeth break through.  All of our Teething Clips are made using luxurious double-face satin ribbon of the highest quality which is knotted between each bead so that Baby can work those special beads around their little mouths to get at every point and angle they need.  We do not use wood beads or metal on our Teething Clips as this poses a potential hazard during the teething phase, as has been validated by many, many Baby’s Beautiful Mamas.  So, second to snuggles,  always ensure a safe & effective teething toy is accessible at all times Baby is actively teething.  The Teethers and Clips can also be placed in the freezer for added relief.  And can be thoroughly cleaned using the sterilizer, boiling water or the dishwasher, ensuring best hygiene practices at all times without risk of deterioration.  The other Teething toys that I would highly recommend are those made from natural rubber.  Sophie the giraffe is a great example, as is Mia the Lamb.  There are many on the market to choose from.  Sophie does have a hole however, which bacteria and mold has been shown to breed inside of, if it becomes damp, so avoid taking her in the bath, pool, or other moisture heavy environment -  and dry off regularly.  Our Teething clips can be secured to these natural rubber toys no problem, to keep them fully accessible and off the floor!


  1. A Damp Cotton Washcloth.  Very Simple and very effective! Placing it in the fridge or freezer for a few moments can provide added relief. Be sure to dry Baby off frequently as exposure to constant damp isn’t good.

     4. A Mesh Pouch Feeder/Pacifier.  Shaped like an oversized pacifier, where the nipple is, instead of rubber or silicone, a little mesh pouch that can be filled with chilled fruits such as strawberries and mango chunks. It can also be filled with cubes of frozen breast milk  or formula which many Babies enjoy.  Definitely expect a bit of a mess when using these!  Though the mess can definitely be worth it.

     5. Medicinal Remedies.  There are many over the counter medicinal remedies available, both traditional - such as Teething Gels & Baby Ibuprofen, and alternative holistic remedies - such as essential oils. When considering the use of any of these, please consult your pediatrician to be fully aware of potential side effects and allergic responses.  Many essential oils are extremely high in Salicylates, for example, which may be a good chemical for keeping skin clear, but can pose a risk when exposed to a sensitive developing Baby.  So do your research, seek expert advice and make the best choice for you and your Baby.


  1. A Teething Necklace for Mama. - Read this Blog Post for complete information on what these are and why they’re absolutely essential.  These are necklaces that Mama, or the caregiver, wears while holding or nursing.  They are long enough so that Baby always has access when being held in the nursing position and the beads go up far enough so that Baby has access when being held or is in the sling or carrier. Baby’s beautiful offers a small, but perfect, selection of these which have been tested by Mamas and proven to be the most useful and effective designs.  They are made from the same safe teething silicone as our teethers and teething clips, knotted between each bead for both safety and efficacy and feature a safety breakaway clasp for quick release.  A teething necklace, quite literally changed my entire Mothering experience in such a profound way that it inspired me to started this business, with the aim of bringing that kind of life changing help and relief to as many Mamas and Babies as I can possibly can.

I'd very much welcome, and, well actually.. *love* to hear your experience and other suggestions and recommendations that you've found to be effective, so that they can be shared for all other Mamas to benefit from.

Much love, 

Janice & Baby Emily xx


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