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About us

Teething Products 

Baby's Beautiful is a small Mama-owned and operated business with a greatt passion to provide the safest, most reliable & beautiful teething products, accessories & special treasures to Babies and Mamas/Caregivers that spread joy & happiness. 

Baby's Beautiful teething clips, teething rings,  rattles and necklaces are all hand made in the USA, using FDA & CPSIA approved materials - food grade gentle teething silicone and organic beechwood, with great care and attention to detail.  They are quality assessed, tested, sterilized, carefully packaged in the USA, and mailed directly to you.

We use the safest assembly methods & best materials, ethically and responsibly sourced, and subject to the highest level of independent lab tests and professional associations approval.

We are the only business in our field that can proudly say that all of our teething products are hand assembled, inspected, sterilized and packaged in the United States of America.  

Outfits and Accessories 

Baby's Beautiful creates adorable & exclusive Baby photography outfits and accessories designed & handmade in the USA to create & capture those most precious & beautiful memories of your Baby's first year and beyond.

We welcome and love custom requests, thoroughly enjoy working with you to create one of a kind designs that provide heirloom pieces to love throughout the years.

We also provide a selection of carefully & specially selected, ethically imported high quality merchandise.  All imported items undergo independent inspection, testing and quality assessment in the USA.  We never, ever drop ship direct from overseas locations, engage in blind retail or sell items that are not 100% Baby's Beautiful Beautiful approved quality.

Committment to Quality and Customer Experience 

We are committed to providing you and your precious little ones with the absolute best, safest & most beautiful baby goods with a hassel free speedy delivery options and excellent customer service. 

Baby's Beautiful offers you a delightful shopping experience, with a wide variety of both practical and beautiful merchandise.   Enchanting items & styles to explore with complete peace of mind:  from the dream-like enchanted magical-fairy-princess style, through vintage inspired shabby-chic, boho-baby-love, perfectly neutral organic, to the clean-minimalist style.



I started this exciting journey with the arrival of my little Baby girl, Emily-Rose, in 2018 after finding myself in a seemingly endless & frustrating search for safe and reliable, useful & beautiful, functional & cost effective high quality products - that were well made to last.

At first, it was mind boggling that, given the apparently infinite selection of baby goods on the market, finding items that were acceptable to the mother with a safety conscious discerning eye was like a search for the Holy Grail! 

But then, the root of the problem became obvious and I felt immediately compelled to do my part, however small, to become part of the solution. 

So what was at the root of this problem?  It's simply the natural consequence of our modern big-business, consumerist, capitalist society -  Products are mass manufactured at the lowest possible cost (both in terms of raw material and labor), skirting the fringes of health and safety laws, for one purpose only - to maximize profit - for the owners / shareholders.  That is all there is to it - behind all of those products out there, that you are relentlessly searching through trying to find something that fits, that feels right - there are opposing interests at work:   

A Mother's primary interest is the health and wellbeing of her Babies - whereas the Manufacturers & Sellers of the products primary interest is to make money.

A Mother's secondary interest is that a product be effective for it's intended purpose - the Manufacturer and Seller interest is in convincing you to buy a product, whether or not it is actually effective.

This is the reality of the capitalist, consumer driven, disposable, society we live in.

The safety, the health and wellbeing of your Baby is your driving force.  Taking your dollars is theirs - so that the CEO can buy a bigger yacht or an addional vacation property in the South of France.

Cause for Good - A Better world for our Babies 

Small shops, boutiques and Mama owned businesses, like Baby's Beautiful, stand in contrast to this - our driving force is the same as yours.  We are loving, ethical, kind, fair and honest.  We are driven by good to do good and to simply provide for our families as best we can.

Gross inequality, dishonest and exploitative practices have no place in the world of the future for our future generations.  Small faithful family owned and operated ethical businesses play in growing part in building towards that world of tomorrow.  Let's support and love one another. 

Our Beautiful Babies deserves nothing less. 🌸


Always Safe, Always Reliable, Always Beautiful - Baby's Beautiful.